Single Jump - Rope Skipping

Single Jump - Rope Skipping

In this lesson you will learn how to do single jumps. That's when you do one jump and the rope goes around once. If this feels too difficult at the beginning, start with half jumps. That's when you do a small hop after every jump over the rope. As soon as you can do more than 100 basic jumps, you can try the double jump. Double jump => You jump once and the rope goes around twice. Click here, to go back to rope skipping main.

Description: Single Jump - Rope Skipping

  • Stand upright and look straight forward. Keep your upper body tight. Don't relax your back too much. Contract your abdominals a little. The hands stay close to the thighs and the knees remain pretty straight during the entire exercise. Stand on the balls of your feet and swing the rope forward down. The legs are closed.
  • Jump over the rope and keep looking straight forward. Try not to look down to the floor. The strength comes from the calf muscles and not from the quadriceps. Don't lift your knees in order to let the rope pass under your feet. Fully extend your knees.
  • Jump straight up and keep your legs in a straight, vertical line with your spine. Then land on the balls of your feet and bounce off without letting the heels touch the floor. Keep in mind that the strength is supposed to come from the calves and not from the quadriceps -> Keep your knees pretty straight.

Trainer advice: Single Jump - Rope Skipping

  • If this is too difficult at the beginning start off with half jump. That's when you make a small hop between each skip. So you jump twice between every skip.
  • Heavy ropes made of leather or gum are better.
  • Jump with shoes.
  • Jump from the balls of your feet. Don't let your heels touch the floor.

Videos: Single Jump - Rope Skipping

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