Roundhouse Kick - Sanda

Roundhousekick - Sanda

Sanda roundhousekicks (bian tui) and the Muaythai roundhousekicks are almost the same. The only difference is that in Muaythai you hit with the shin and in Sanda with the ankle (or a few cm above) In MT (muaythai) this is one of the most popular and strongest kicks. Muay thai fighters spend a lot of time hardening their shins. Most muay thai fights start with Roundhouse-Kicks, while sanda-fights usually start with Sidekicks. To learn another technique go back to sanda main.

Description: Roundhousekick - Sanda

  • Lift the knee and let the foot follow.
  • Stading leg: Twist on the ball of your foot, until the toes point away from your opponent.
  • Kick: Extend hip and hit opponent with straightened instep od shin.
  • Pull the foot back in a straight line, so that your opponent can't grab your leg.

Trainer advice: Roundhousekick - Sanda

  • A biantui to the trunk is not as strong as a low biantui. It also makes it easier for your opponent to catch your leg, if you kick higher.
  • The back foot is stronger, but the front foot is faster.