Sanda Front Kick

Sanda Front Kick

Learn how to do a sanda (chinese kickboxing) front kick. The front kick is one of the most basic sanda kicks. You will learn this kick before the side kick and the roundhouse kick. In Chinese Mandarin this kick is called "Dan Ti". Find more sanda instructions at sanda main.


  • Lift your knee and keep your guard up.
  • Extend your leg and kick with the ball of the foot (not the heel)
  • Also push your hips forward and extend your standing leg when you touch your opponent.
  • Then go back the same way and plant your kicking leg exactly where you started from.


  • Practice the sanda front kick on a heavy bag.
  • Always warm up and stretch before you practice any kicks.
  • In muay thai, the front kick is executed exactly the same way. But I also have to mention that in sanda, the front kick is a very popular technique, while in muay thai, this kick is hardly practiced.