Scissor Split - Groin Stretch

Scissor Split - Groin Stretch

How to stretch the groin area with the scissor split (also called spread leg forward fold). In acrobatic martial arts, ballet and artistic gymnastics this stretch is quite important. You will need this kind of flexibility for the wushu lotus kick, the split kick and the split jump. Find more stretching instructions and training methods at stretching main.


  • Sit down and spread your legs at least 90 degrees.
  • Keep your back perfectly straight. It doesn't matter if your toes point up or forward - It depends on the sport you are in to. In wushu would flex your ankles. In gymnastics and ballet you would extend your ankles.
  • Bend forward without rounding your back and exhale slowly. Make sure you keep your knees straight and don't move too fast. Reach forward with your hands and try to put your stomach flat on the floor. Try to move forward in the first place and then down.
  • To make the lowest position isometric, grab your feet, pull and contract your entire legs. Isometric scissor split stretches should not be held longer than 20 seconds.
  • You can also lean from side to side and grab one foot at a time.


  • Warm up at least 5 minutes before you stretch the scissor split. I recommend you stretch your front splits before the scissor split.
  • This scissor split should not be the first stretch in your routine.
  • Stretch the side split after the scissor split.