Shoulder Stretch with the Hands on a Wall

Shoulder Stretch with the Hands on a Wall

Learn how to stretch your shoulders with the hands on a wall. Shoulder flexibility is very important in artistic gymnastics (front / back handsprings and walkovers). In this stretch, the rear deltoids and the latissimus are stretched (back side of the shoulders and outer back muscles). Find more stretches at stretching main.


  • Put your hands on a wall (or ladder wall) and extend your elbows (at approximately chest height). Your hands should be shoulder width or less apart.
  • I recommend you stand with your legs one or two shoulder widths apart, but you can also step forward with one leg. Make sure your hips are parallel to the wall.
  • Then press your shoulders down and lean towards the wall. Look straight forward and fully extend your arms.


  • If you want to apply a dynamic stretch, move slowly. Shoulder stretch on a wall is not designed for dynamic ballistic stretches and isometric stretches.
  • To make this shoulder stretch more intensive, move your legs further away from the wall, so that you can lean further forward.