Jumping Spinning Roundhousekick

Jumping Spinning Roundhousekick

The jumping roundhousekick with a 360 spin is a very popular taekwondo technique.
This variation of the roundhousekick confuses your opponent and has more power at the same time. Find more tae kwon do instructions at the tae kwon do main page.

Description: Jumping Spinning Roundhousekick

  • Hop onto your frontleg (see illustration: right leg)
  • Twist 180 degrees on your frontleg (until toes point backwards)
  • Jump off when your toes point straight back and keep rotating in the air.
  • Perform a roundhousekick in the air and land on the leg on which you wer spinning.

Trainer advice: Jumping Spinning Roundhousekick

  • Learn the normal roundhousekick before you try the jumping spinning roundhousekick.
  • When you spin on your frontleg, you can lift the other knee a little bit. This looks like a kick and confuses your opponent. The actual roundhousekick follows short after.

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