Tae Kwon Do Side Kick

Tae Kwon Do Side Kick

In this lesson you will learn how to so a tae kwon do side kick "Yup chagi". The Yup Chagi is a tae kwon do kick where you stand on one leg and kick sideways with the other leg. It's important that the opponent is hit with the heel first and that the toes of the kicking foot point slightly down. Find more taekwondo instructions at taekwondo main.

Description: Tae Kwon Do Side Kick

  • Lift your right knee slightly over hip hight and twist on the ball of your left foot counter clockwise, so that the toes point slightly backwards. Lower leg (of the kicking leg) points slightly forward. Toes point slightly down. NOT UP !!! Keep the knee very close to the abdominals.
  • Thrust out your right foot and hit your opponent with the heel. NOT WITH THE BALL OF THE FOOT !!! When you hit your opponent, your toes should point slightly down. At the same time twist your hips a bit to the right and twist a bit further counter clockwise on your left foot. It is important that the hip is extended totally. When viewed from the front, the hip must be further to the right than the kicking foot and the shoulders. Exhale as you kick your opponent and look straight forward.
  • Bring back your foot before your opponent can grab your leg. This position is exactly the same as the position before you thrust out your right foot. From this position you can perform another kick or go back to your fighting stance.
  • Then go back to your fighting stance. If you place your right foot in front of your left foot, you change the side of your stance at the same time.

Trainer advice: Tae Kwon Do Side Kick

  • Practice lifting the knee, thrusting the foot and going back to the position where the knee is liftes seperated. Try to hold each stage for a few seconds.
  • At the beginning you can hold on something so that the kick is easier to balance.
  • Learn how to do multiple side kicks.