Frog Jumps - Plyometrics

Frog Jumps - Plyometrics

Frog jumps (in Chinese: Wa Tiao) are jumps from a sitting position where you jump forward and swing up your hands. In the air the body has to be straightened from the fingers to the toes. Frog jumps should go as far as possible and not as high as possible. This jumping strength increasing exercise can be very bad for the knees. Especially when the frog jumps are done on hard ground or landed in the heels first. Frog jumps come from china and are practiced by martial artists, ski jumpers and track and field athletes.

Description: Frog Jumps - Plyometrics

  • Start your frog jumps from a sitting position with your hands behind your hips
  • Swing your arms forward up and jump forward as far as you can at the same time.
  • Straighten your entire body in mid-air. (knees, elbows, fingers, toes)
  • Land on your feet and sit down while you strike out with your arms again. Landing the frog jumps on your heels is bad for your knees bu this way your jumps go further. Landing on your toes protects the joints. Sitting down too far with relaxed quads is very bad for the knees.
  • Jump off to the next frog jump. (don't rest)
  • At least 15 frog jumps should be done in a row.

Trainer advice: Frog Jumps - Plyometrics

  • If you wanna try how far you can go with your frog jumps, make sure you use mats or very soft shoues.
  • Compete with friends or training partners. (for example - who can go further with 8 frog jumps)
  • Frog jumps make your legs really really sore. (much more than free barbell squats)

Videos: Frog Jumps - Plyometrics

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