How much does is cost to learn Wushu in China ?

At Song jiang, the school fee for foreign students is 600 USD per month or 150 per week. That's approximately 250 USD for the room, 120 school fee and the rest for food and special attention, translation, private instructions etc. Chinese students pay about one half of that. (movie stunt classes are usually more expensive) Wushu training in China can cost anywhere between 400 USD and 1200 USD per month. If you learn wushu in Beijing or Shanghai, you will pay much more, but you will probably not get the same training Chinese students get. Very cheap schools on the other hand often have bad equipment and training halls and / or low hygienic standards.

You may ask for a discount if:

  • You speak Chinese
  • You came in a group and plan to share a rooms.
  • You want to live outside the school. (but the school will not help you find an apartment)
  • You are asian and want to live in a dorm with Chinese students.
    (but this way you should contact SJ over