How to get a discount at Song Jiang Wushu School

Yes, you can get a discount if you go to Song Jiang with a friend or in a group, you want to live in a room with another student or speak very good Chinese. Discounts are very unusual for Song Jiang and it's very difficult to get one. Li Chen is responsible for all the foreigners who visit this wushu school and if you want a discount, he will have to go to the headmaster to ask him personally. Keep in mind that if you get a discount, money will be saved somewhere. Click Here for more information about wushu training in China.

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  • The school will safe some money if 2 foreigners live in one room. So if you are going to Song Jiang with a friend and want to live in one room, you can ask for a discount between 500 and 900 Yuan each. If they don't want to lower the price, you can demand 2 separate rooms. However, you can't expect a discount if you don't ask in advance and if the answer is "maybe", you can count on a "NO". ! Ask in advance !
  • Let's say you want to live in a room with Chinese students - a 12 student dorm. First of all, they don't want you to live in a room with Chinese students, because the living conditions are very poor and they only want good reputation. Secondly you would never be able to go on a private toilet. I mean the Chinese toilet rooms don't have doors and there are only hip high walls in-between the cabins. You could only shower a few times per week - and if you are unlucky only once. Another problem would be finding a safe place for your credit cards and your passport. You have no idea how fast personal things can disappear in a room with 12 Chinese students. Anyway, if you are willing to live in these conditions, speak Chinese or look Chinese, there is a chance they will allow you to live in such a room. ! Ask in advance !
  • If you plan to stay for a long time, you can ask them to split you school fee into school fee, room and food. This way you could try to save some money by living outside the school or by eating cheaper.
  • If you speak fluent Chinese or look asian, it should be no problem to get a discount, but you have to know that for less money, you will get less service.

Advice: How to get a discount

  • If you want a discount, ask in advance and explain your situation.
  • Learn as much Chinese as possible before you go to China. You could go to another wushu school at any time. Going to a wushu school in China is like making business. Don't pay in advance and let them understand that you could leave at any moment if you are not fully satisfied. That's not just an advice for this wushu school, but for all schools and everything you do in China.
  • If they don't wanna give you what you want, stay friendly and go to another school. For example Cao Zhou Wushu School (only 90 minutes from Yun Cheng) or one of the schools in Deng Feng - Shaolin. They will have to understand that there is something called "Competition".
  • Don't pay more than one month in advance.
  • Whenever you want something, and the answer is: "I will ask the leaders tomorrow", insist on a NOW and accompany Mr. Li Chen to the headmasters office. Stay friendly, but let them know that you are ready to leave at any moment.
  • Read This if you plan to work while learning wushu in China.