Preparing your Wushu Training Trip

If you plan to go to a Chinese martial arts school like the Song Jiang Wushu School, I recommend you carefully plan your trip, half a year in advance. For most foreigners it's a long way to China and most foreign students have no idea what to expect in China. Plan your budget, prepare you body and do all the paperwork in time. I hope this little article will help you plan your wushu training trip. For more information about training in China, Click Here.

More: Preparing your Wushu Training Trip

  • Before you start planning your trip, you should plan you budget. Life in Yun Chen costs up to 600 USD per month, which is average for wushu training in China. For 600 USD you will get training, private instructions, food and your own room in the school's hotel. There are other schools that offer the same service for 400 USD, but their equipment is even worse than Song Jiang's and you will have to share a room with others. There are also more expensive schools and universities in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Their equipment is usually very good, but they charge too much and you pay more for the show and the environment than for the training.
  • The flight to China will cost between 800 and 1500 USD depending on where you live. If you want a cheap flight, I recommend you search online, on sites like or or
  • Determine how long you want to stay and contact Li Chen with questions about the school, special wishes etc. If you want to stay longer than 3 month, you will have to enter with a visitor or a student visa, which is more complicated. Contact the school for information if they can help you obtain a visa or send you an invitation.
  • The visa costs approximately 100 USD. Apply for your visa a few days before you pay your flight.
  • All this should be done 6 to 2 month before your trip.
  • Learn as much Chinese as you can and also prepare yourself physically. When you are in China, you don't want to waste your time being sore from running and stretching, when you should learn new skills. Get used to running (run at least 20 minutes every day) and stretch as much as possible. Also try to learn as many basics as possible. Everything you can learn before you go to China, will pay back.
  • Get immunizations 6 month before you leave your country. That's because some immunizations need 6 month to be effective. Most recommended: Hepatitis - Tetanus - Malaria

Advice: Preparing your Wushu Training Trip

  • Don't forget Li Chen's cell phone number. And if you are going to another school, don't forget the telephone number of the person who is going to pick you up at the airport.
  • Don't try to travel to the school alone, if you can't speak Chinese.
  • Print the school's name in Chinese and english. Keep one copy in your wallet and one in your suitcase.
  • Apply for a visa in time.
  • Get used to running and start stretching a long time before you go to China. If you start training when you are in China, you will overtrain in the first few days and then you will not make much progress during the first 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Learn as much Chinese as you can. The only words you have to be able to read are: Toilet, Male and Female.
  • Get immunizations about 6 months before you leave your country.
  • And my last advice: Buy a wallet with a chain :)