Racism in China

The Chinese people have a national proud like I have never seen it anywhere else. Of course in China, there is racism like in every other country, but it's not like you have to be afraid of walking around alone. Click Here for more info about wushu training in China.

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  • Some people might call you "Da Bi Zi" big nose or "Yang Gui Zi" Foreign Devil. But to be honest, the most racist place I have ever been to is my own country: Austria. I mean, nobody in China will scream "F..K YOU", just because you skin has a different color. Nobody cares about your religion, people are rather interested in different thoughts. Most people will be friendly as long as you are friendly and don't touch their national proud. They might laugh at you because you wear a funny hat or when you try something over and over again and it just looks pathetic. But this kind of racism is not dangerous and actually it can make your character a bit stronger. You have to take it from a humorous side and don't get pissed because some Chinese don't know how to treat a foreigner. After all many of the students at Song Jiang are very young and have never seen a foreigner before. Many people will stare at for at least 3 weeks and when you walk around people will call you "Lao Wai" - unless you are asian.

Advice: Racism in China

  • Don't touch their national proud. If you say something against China, everybody will know within a day. Especially young people have a strong trust in their country. Some of the elder people I got to know, have different views, but seldom share them with a foreigner.
  • Don't get pissed off because people stare at you, point with the finger at you when they see you from half a mile or scream "Lao Wai" = foreigner. Some people will call you foreigner like if it was your name.
  • The situation in big cities and places with a lot of tourism is different. In Yun Cheng you don't have to be afraid of walking alone, but in Hong Kong or Shanghai you shouldn't enter some streets alone.
  • I have been to many countries and I didn't stay there for just a few weeks. From my opinion China is not a very racist country, but the fact that so many people will stare at you and sometimes laugh (for no reason) will make you feel kinda weird. For example; A lot of Chinese people will argue that the Chinese race is the most intelligent and the most beautiful. Avoid discussions of this kind.