Living at Song Jiang Wushu School

Foreigners usually live in the Song Jiang hotel inside the School. All rooms have 2 beds, a shower, a toilet, an air-condition and a TV. You can expect something between a hostel and a 1-star-hotel. Most Chinese students live in dorms with 12 beds each. The school will not allow you to sleep in a dorm with Chinese students. First of all they are scared of trouble with foreign embassies I case you become sick, and secondly there is a high chance that your passport and your money will get lost. However, if you speak Chinese you can rent your own department or try live in a dorm with Chinese wushu students. Some students live in the hotel too, so that's nothing strange. The 150 USD school fee include living in the hotel and the school might put 2 foreigner in 1 room. If this happens you can try to get a discount of you live in one room with another foreigner. Size of your room: Between 16 and 20 square meters. For visitors who don't train at the school the hotel costs between 60 and 80 yuan per day or 1800 per month (1800 yuan = 180 Euro or 260 USD).

Pictures: Your room at Song Jiang Wushu School

room at Song jiang wushu school
Your room at Song jiang wushu school

room at Song jiang wushu school
Your room at Song jiang wushu school

Toile - Chinese Wushu School
Your Toilet

Toilet - Wushu Hotel
Your Toilet

Wushu School Hotel Room
Don't expect fresh painted walls or very clean rooms.
This is not a 5-star-hotel.
The climate is hot, dry and windy, so there is dust everywhere.

More Pictures: The Song Jiang wushu school's hotel

Entrance to the Song Jiang Wushu Hotel
Entrance to the Song Jiang Hotel

Wushu School - Hotel Waiting Room
Waiting room

Wushu Hotel - 1st Floor
1st floor

Wushu School - Hotel

Song Jiang Wushu School Hotel

Student dorms: In comparasion (300 Yuan / month)

Wushu School Student Dorms
One of the student dorm buildings. (hotel looks the same from the outside)

Student Room Wushu School
12 students per room