Visa Requirements - Wushu Training in China

If you plan to go to Song Jiang Wushu School with a tourist visa, you will be able to stay for 90 days. If you want to stay longer, you will have to apply for a student visa or visitor visa. As far as I know, the school currently doesn't have the permission for an official student exchange program. But this might change faster than I update this page. So, in case you want to stay in China longer than 90 days, I recommend you contact Mr. Li Chen and ask him what the school can offer. Click Here for more information about wushu training at Song Jiang Wushu School - China.

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  • Contact Mr. Li Chen, tell him how long you plan to stay and ask him if they are currently able to get you a visa for more than 3 months. Most schools would send you an invitation, but I am not sure if this currently works. Ask the Chinese embassy in your country, what you need to visit a martial arts school without an official student exchange program. (only necessary if you want to stay more than 90 days)
  • Then contact the next Chinese embassy and ask for the visa requirements. Most Chinese embassies will issue a tourist visa for 90 days. However, from time to time you will only receive a 30 day visa - for example (some countries) during the olympic games. You might also be able to extend your 90 day visa for another 90 days while being in China. But that's another Chinese immigration law that changes quite often. (ask embassy)
  • If you want to stay longer, you will have to apply for a student visa or a visitor visa. As far as I know, the school currently doesn't have an official student exchange program. Since a few years only the biggest universities have this privilege, but this might change after the olympic games. Please contact Lichen for more info.
  • Remember Li Chen to register you as soon as you arrive to Yun Cheng. This should be done within 48 hours. You will have to go to the police office, where they will write down your name and the number of your passport. You have to do this if you stay in Yuncheng for more than just a few days.

Advice: Visa Requirements

  • Some schools will tell you that you can stay there for a full year. I know that many of them will charge you 1 year school fee when you arrive and after 3 month you will have to leave, because they can't extend your visa. Of course they will not return the money. So, avoid paying in advance. The only way to make sure can stay for one year, is going to China with a 1-year visa. You might be able to extend you tourist visa while being in China, but you should not count on it and ask the embassy for more information on visa extensions and status changes. Chinese immigration laws change very fast and visa requirements different for kitchens of different countries.
  • Anther way to obtain a visitor visa would be to go to China to visit somebody. Maybe a Chinese friend can help you or if you are stubborn you can persuade the school. The problem is that Li Chen is in charge for the foreign student program, and every time he wants to do something, he has to ask the headmaster - and this can be a slow procedure.
  • Or go for another student exchange program and then visit different school and places when you are in China.
  • Don't forget the register at the Yun Cheng Police Office when you arrive.