Abdominal Cable Side Bend

Abdominal Cable Side Bend

In this lesson you will learn how to do cable side bends for your abdominals. The abdominal cable side bend is an alternative exercise to the dumbbell side bend, which trains the obliques from a slightly different angle. Find more abdominal exercises at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Stand upright (back straight), with your feet about one shoulder width apart and extended your legs. Look straight forward and grasp the handle with your palm facing your shoulder.
  • Pull the handle down by bending your upper body and exhale at the same time. Don't pull the weight with the strength of your arm. Look straight forward and make sure your upper body only bends in one layer. Don't bend forward or back! Also make sure you don't move your hips or your knees. You can either pull the handle until your obliques are fully contracted and the other side is slightly stretched, or until your elbow touches your waist.
  • Go back to the beginning position and inhale. Keep your hips and your knees still and don't move too far. When you move back, the spine should not pass vertical level.


  • Move slowly and concentrated.
  • Don't use your arms or your shoulders to create momentum.
  • Keep your knees and your hips still.
  • Do 15 to 25 repetitions per side.
  • Stretch your abdominals between sets and exercises.