Lattissimus - Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

Lattissimus - Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

In this lesson you will learn how to do wide grip pulldowns. This is an exercise for your lat muscles (lat = lattissimus) which broadens the back. For wide grip pulldowns you need a pulldown machine an wide bow shaped bar (see illustration). If you don't have this equipment, you can do wide grip pull-ups instead. Find more exercises for your back workout at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Position your thighs under the leg pads to avoid that you lift yourself instead of pulling the bar down. Grasp the wide bar with both hands (hands approx. two shoulder widths apart - elbows almost extended)
  • Then pull down the bar and exhale at the same time. Lean back a little bit (but not too far) and keep your shoulders low and back, so that your lats are fully contracted when the bar touches your chest.
  • Then let the bar move back up until your elbows are almost extended and inhale.


  • Don't swing your upper body to create momentum (don't lean back too far).
  • Concentrate on pulling down your forearms in one line with the cable. (when viewed from the side)
  • Wide grip lat pulldowns are designed to broaden your back muscles. The barbell row on the other hand is designed to gain volume.