Biceps - Cable Hammer Curl with Rope Attachment

Cable Biceps Hammer Curl with Rope Attachment

In this lesson you will learn how to do cable hammer curls with a rope attachment. This biceps exercise works the upper arms like the dumbbell hammer curl. However, the highest point of the movement leads to an even more intensive biceps contraction than the hammer curl with two dumbbells. Find more biceps exercises at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Stand about one meter from the pulley machine and grasp the rope attachment with both hands (thumbs point up). Bend your knees slightly and contract your abdominals a little. Start with your arms almost extended and keep your elbows still. Upper arms maintain vertical throughout the entire exercise.
  • Then curl the rope up until your biceps are fully contracted (biceps and forearms touch each other). Exhale slowly and make sure your elbows stay close to your waist. The up motion is a bit faster than the down motion. It's very important that you don't move your legs and don't try to create momentum with your upper body. Hollowing the back is the worst mistake you could make. To avoid using your back instead of your arm muscles, keep your abdominals contracted slightly and move your chest a few cm towards your hands as you curl the rope up. Also make sure you don't elevate your shoulders.
  • Return to the beginning position and inhale slowly and concentrated. Keep in mind that the down motion has to be slightly slower than the up motion.
    (up: approx. 2 seconds)
    (down: approx. 3 seconds)


  • Don't stand to close or too far from the pulley machine when you do cable hammer biceps hammer curls.
  • Keep your elbows still and close to your waist.
  • Don't create momentum with your upper body. Round your back slightly and move a little towards your hands as you curl the rope up.
  • The cable biceps hammer curl with rope attachment also works the forearm muscles.