Biceps Preacher Curl

Biceps Preacher Curl

In this lesson you will learn how to do preacher curls. The preacher curl is a biceps exercise where you put your upper arms on an arm support and curl up a weight with the strength of your biceps. I recommend you do biceps preacher curls with an ez-bar, but you can also use a straight barbell. There is also a one-armed preacher curl variations - with a dumbbell. Find more biceps exercises at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Sit onto the preacher curl bench and keep your upper arms flat on the arm support throughout the entire exercise. Push your shoulders down towards the arm pad and keep your arms parallel. Don't elevate your shoulders or your elbows as you curl up the bar. Grasp the EZ-bar with a V-undergrip
  • Then curl up the weight. Stop shortly before your forearms reach vertical level or when the bar is approximately 20 cm from your shoulders. Squeeze your biceps and don't relax your wrists. Exhale at the same time. The up-motion can be slightly faster than the down-motion.
  • Extend your arms again (as far as your elbows feel comfortable) and exhale at the same time. Keep your arms parallel - Don't open your elbows. Some people fully extend their arms, so that the biceps are stretched at the lowest position. Others keep the arms slightly bent. Just make sure you slow down the movement at the end. You would injure your elbows if you let the weight fall.


  • Move the weight slowly and concentrated.
  • The down motion is a bit slower than the up motion.
  • If you grasp the bar with an overgrip, you will train your forearms.
  • Superset recommendation: Biceps Preacher Curl + Alternate Dumbbell Curl