Reverse Preacher Curls - Forearms & Biceps

Reverse Preacher Curls

In this lesson you will learn how to do reverse barbell preacher curls. The reverse preacher curl is a forearm exercise and partially also trains the biceps. I recommend you do your reverse preacher curls with an ez-bar, but you can also do them with a straight barbell, dumbbells or with only one arm (single arm reverse dumbbell preacher curls). Find more exercises for your forearm muscles at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Sit onto the preacher curl bench and grasp the EZ-bar with an A-overgrip. The grip is the only difference between normal preacher curls and reverse preacher curls. Keep your upper arms flat on the arm support during the entire exercise. The arms have to stay parallel and the shoulders have to stay as low as possible. Don't elevate your shoulders or your elbows as you move the weight. Curl up the weight without elevating your shoulders or your elbows and stop before your forearms reach vertical level or when the bar is approximately 20 cm from your shoulders. Exhale at the same time.
  • Extend your arms as far as your elbows feel comfortable and exhale at the same time. Keep your arms parallel and your elbows pretty close together. A lot of people fully extend the arms at the lowest position. If you decide to do so, make sure you slow down the motion before the arms are totally extended (because you could injure your elbows). I personally prefer stop at approximately 175°, so that the arm muscles still protect my elbows.


  • Move the weight slowly and concentrated.
  • The down motion is a bit slower than the up motion.