Shoulder Exercise - Cable Internal Rotation

Shoulder Exercise - Cable Internal Rotation

In this lesson you will learn how to train your shoulder muscles with cable internal rotations. This exercise is usually done on a pulley machine and can be performed standing or sitting on the floor. Cable internal rotations train the inner, upper part of your shoulder muscles (between collar bone and biceps). For more shoulder exercises, check out weight training main.


  • Sit on the floor and extend you legs in front of you. Look straight forward and keep your back straight. You can also sit on a bench or lean against something. Hold the pulley handle with your right hand and keep your elbow close to your waist. Your upper arm should be aligned vertically and the elbow bent 90°. If possible, hold on something with the other hand, but you can also put your other hand on the floor or behind the back. Just make sure you only rotate your shoulder and don't move any other part of your body.
  • Pull the handle horizontally to the left side of your trunk and don't move your elbow. The elbow should stay as close as possible to the waist and the upper has to stay aligned vertically. Don't create momentum and don't twist your upper body. Pull the handle with the strength of your shoulder only. Inhale at the same time.
  • Then go back to the beginning position and exhale. The opening-motion should be slightly slower than the closing-motion.


  • This exercise is not designed for heavy weights.
  • You can also do cable internal rotations with a theraband.