Barbell Military Press - Standing

Barbell Military Press - Standing

In this lesson you will learn how to military press with a barbell in a standing position. The military press is one the heaviest shoulder exercises and should be done at the beginning of your workout. This exercise it essential for shoulder strength and size. The barbell military press can also be done in a sitting position. Find more shoulder exercises at weight training main.


  • Stand upright with your feet about one shoulder width apart. Knees almost extended, back straight. Contract your abdominals slightly and don't hollow your back. Hold your barbell with your hands slightly less than 2 shoulder widths apart.
  • Then push the weight straight up to arm length and exhale at the same time. Don't bend back as you push the bar over-head. Keep looking straight forward. I recommend you so the standing barbell military press in front of a mirror.
  • Then lower the weight to ear or shoulder height and inhale slowly. Lower your barbell slower than you push it up. Make sure you don't create momentum with your legs or your back. Most people only lower the weight to ear level and then push the bar back up.


  • Warm up before you do the military press.
  • When you lower your barbell, I recommend you move your elbows forward, and not to the sides -> Better for wrists and elbows.
  • Move the weight slowly and concentrated.
  • Superset recommendation: Barbell Military Press + Dumbbell Side Laterals