Learn Wing Chun

Learn Wing Chun

Wing Chun, translated "eternal spring" is a chinese martial art that emphasizes on short range combat. It's famous for its punches with a vertical fist (sun fist) and blocks with combined quick attacks. Bruce Lee's famous one inch punch for example was a Wing Chun technique. Wing Chun includes grappling, punching, kicking and wrestling techniques, but no acrobatics. Its main principle is that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line . All strikes are designed to injure or disrupt the target, which makes wing chun very effective for street defense. In chinese cantonese: "WING CHUN" or "VING TSUN" In chinese mandarin: "YONG CHUN" - also know as "Yong Chun Quan".

Trainer advice: Wing Chun

  • In Wing Chun it is believed that an attack to the center line is the most powerful
    thing in martial arts.
  • Pratice your guard position and work on your basic stance.

Videos: Wing Chun

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