Empty Circle Swing with Wushu Ropedart

Empty Circle Swing with Wushu Rope Dart

The empty circle swing is the most basic ropedart technique from where most other RD exercises start. When you need more rope for more complex techniques, open your left hand a little. With a small wrist movement you can wrap your rope back up onto your hand. Find more wushu rope dart instructions at rope dart main.

Description: Empty Circle Swing with Wushu Rope Dart

  • Stand with your right foot approximately one shoulder width in front of the left foot and have most of your weight on the right leg. Look straight forward and keep your upper body vertical.
  • Most of the rope is wrapped around the left hand which is kept at hip height. (fingers point forward) The right hand swings the dart forward down with small wrist movements. The right elbow stays close to the hip and the hand is approximately at kidney height. A bit less than 1m rope hangs down between left and right hand. When you swing the dart, choose the length of your rope to the dart so that the dart almost touches the floor.
  • To adjust the length of the rope, open your left hand slightly or do small wrist movements to wrap the rope back up. Let the rope slide through your right hand.

Trainer advice: Empty Circle Swing with Wushu Rope Dart

  • Only let the rope circle vertical. (in one layer)
  • Always keep the ropedart close to your body.