Wushu Whipchain - Front Swing

Wushu Whipchain - Front Swing

Learn how to do the whipchain front swing, a basic technique seen in every wushu whipchain form. Before you learn this technique, you should learn the empty circle swing. Find more whipchain instructions at whipchain main.

Description: Wushu Whipchain - Front Swing

  • Stand with your right foot in front and place your left foot about one shoulder width behind the right foot.
  • Hold the handle of your whip in your right hand so that thumb points to your right and the chain hangs down on your right. Swing your whip backwards up... see empty cicle swing lesson.
  • Let the whip go under your right arm and turn slightly to your left, so that the chain can pass under your shoulder.
  • After a full rotation on the left side of your body the whip goes over your right forearm and under your right upper arm. At this moment the right upper arm should point to the left and be horizontal. The left hand catches the chain right under the right upper arm.
  • With the help of your left hand, let the lower half of your whipchain spin around. Turn back to the left and let the whip pass on the right side of your body again. The left hand releases the chain when it points straight down.

Trainer advice: Wushu Whipchain - Front Swing

  • Only let the whipchain spin vertical. (in one layer)
  • Keep your whip close to the body.
  • Keep looking straight forward.