Trikonasana - Yoga Triangle Pose

Trikonasana - Yoga Triangle Pose

The trikonasana (triangle pose) is a popular yoga position that stretches the hamstrings, the hips and the calves, improves the overall balance and also stregthens the lower back. Find more yoga poses at yoga main.


  • This description is for the left side of the yoga trikonasana (when you step forward with the left leg). For the right side of this pose, do the whole thing the other way around.
  • Start from the dog pose and step forward with your left foot. Step forward about 2 shoulder widths. (approx. 1 meter) Knees and elbows have to be extended. Keep the palms on the floor but don't let your arms carry any of your weight.
  • Put your hands next to your left leg, so that your hamstring is stretched a bit more. Don't raise the heel of your right foot. The calf muscle of your right leg has to be stretched too. Keep your spine straight and your upper body horizontal.
  • Then put your left hand on the right side of your left ankle and your right hand on the achilles tendon. (achilles tendon = bottom of the calf muscle / ankle / heel) Don't let the weight of your upper body rest on your hands. The right hand should only touch the ankle just like the hands only touched the floor before. Use your back muscles to support this position. (not your arms)
  • Raise your right hand, so that the fingers point straight up and your hands are as far as possible apart. Now the 2 arms and your shoulders should be in a vertical line and the upper body should be horizontal.
  • Finally twist your head 180 degrees and look straight up to your right hand.


  • Concentrate on the breathing and move slowly and concentrated.
  • Keep your spine straight during the whole exercsise.


  • None