Back Handspring 360 - Back Handspring Twist

Back Handspring Twist (360) - Gymnastics

The back handspring twist (flik flak 360) is a technique for female gymnasts and is usually performed on the balance beam. Before you try the gymnastic back handspring twist, you should learn the normal back handspring and the handstand turn. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Start like if you were doing a normal back handspring.
  • Jump back from both legs and turn 180 degrees to your left side, shortly before your hands touch the floor. Don't turn too early. Make sure you jump straight back.
  • Plant your right hand and think of it as if you were watching a clock on the floor.
  • Twist another 180° and then put your legs back down. The second half of the back handspring twist is a bit like a handstand turn. The first part is the harder part.


  • This can be very confusing at the beginning. Take a plastic bottle and twist it around in your hands until you fully understand the back handspring twist.
  • Try this in water first.
  • The back handspring twist is quite dangerous for the wrists. It is actually a lot more dangerous than the front flip twist and the back flip twist. Ask your coach or an experienced gymnast to help you with this.
  • Training method: Jump from a springboard or a trampoline onto foam mats/pieces or into a foam pit. At the beginning you should only do a normal back handspring. Then twist a few degrees and let yourself fall (on the stomach, sideways or on your back). Once you can do the b-handspring twist landing on your stomach, remove a few mats. When you learn the back handspring twist, it's even more important that you jump back and not up. Take your time and be careful.
  • Learn the handstand turn before you try this. Your normal back handspring should be very good.