Extreme Martial Arts - Flashkick Layout

Flashkick Layout - Extreme Martial Arts

In this lesson you will learn how to do a flashkick layout in gymnastics and extreme martial arts. A flashkick is basically a back flip stepout. There are two variations of the flashkick.
a) Tucked and from a standing position.
b) Layout (with the body fully extended) after a round-off or after a back handspring.
In this lesson you will learn the flashkick variation layout. Before you try this flip, you should learn the tucked flashkick and the gymnastic back flip layout. Find detailed gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Do a round-off, jump from a trampoline or into water.
  • Jump off both legs at the same time like if you were doing a back flip layout.
    Throw up your arms to vertical level.
  • Look straight forward until you are high enough (see gymnastic back flip layout lesson).
  • Spread your legs and whip your extended arms down at the same time. Keep your upper body straight (don't tuck - keep your abdominals tight)
  • Land on the right leg first and lift your arms (see illustration above).