Gymnastic Front Flip Half Twist

Gymnastic Front Flip Half Twist

In this lesson you will learn how to do a gymnastic front flip half twist (also called "BARANI"). You jump off like if you were doing a normal front flip, but then twist 180° and land like in a back flip. In this instruction I will explain how to do a gymnastic front flip half twist layout. If you are interested in learning multiple rotations later, you should learn the layout (extended) variation of this jump. Tucked or bent flips make rotation harder. Before you try this, you should learn the front flip layout and the handstand turn. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics.


  • Run forward and bounce off from the balls of your feet, like if you were doing a front flip layout. For more info please visit the front flip layout tutorial.
    Summary: Lift your arms shortly before you jump off. Bend your elbows a little bit to get a better impulse and then extend your arms as you bounce off. Keep your knees pretty straight and jump from the balls of your feet. Look straight forward (not down to the floor) and jump up straight. Don't lean forward too much.
  • Jump off and extend your legs and your arms. Kick your heels up without bending your knees and hollow your back slightly. (just like if you were doing a front flip layout) At the same time open your arms and spread them to the sides like if your arms were wings. But because you will initiate a twist soon, you will not have to spread you hands that far & long. Just whip your arms down a little bit (not as far as for a layout), and make sure your heels move up. To initiate the half twist, lift your left arm and lower your right arm. At the beginning you can also turn your head to the left, so that you can see your left biceps. This has to be done very fast and your legs and arms have to remain fully extended. There are different techniques on how the arms can be moved. I believe this one is a very good base for maximum control. A front flip half twist is easier if you just whip your legs over instead of keeping your entire body straight and stiff. But if you are interested in learning front flips with multiple twists later, you should do your half twist like this.
  • To stop the rotation lift both arms. The distance between your hands should be less than 3 shoulder widths. The further you separate your hands, the faster the twist will stop.
  • Land on the balls of your feet and look straight forward. If you keep looking to your left, you will keep twisting.


  • Start practicing the front flip half twist when your front flip layout is very high and stable.
  • I recommend you jump from a springboard or a trampoline onto a pile of mats at the beginning.
  • Once you can do the front flip half twist, try the front flip 360 (full twist).