Handstand Hop - Gymnastics

Handstand Hop - Gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn how to do a handstand hop in artistic gymnastics. That's when you jump forward on your hands while doing a handstand. This exercise will help you catapult your front handsprings better. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Lean forward and go into a handstand like shown in the gymnastic handstand instruction. Keep in mind that your arms, your upper body and your right leg have to stay lined up and move as one unit. When you do the handstand with a hop, it's even more important that you keep your upper body tight and your abdominals contracted slightly. If you would hollow you back, you would not be able to hop very well.
  • Important: The right leg, the upper body, the arms and the head have to form a perfect straight line. Don't hollow your back or your knees. When your hands touch the floor, push yourself off as soon as possible. Don't let your hands rest on the floor (your arms act like giant springs). The push has to be created with the hands and the shoulders and not with the elbows or the back. The rest comes from the legs. Close your legs as you push yourself off the floor.
  • Hop a few inches forward and keep your entire body straight. Hold the handstand for at least 2 seconds. A wide hop is better than a high hop. (be careful with your fingers) After the handstand you can do a turn, do a bridge, a front roll, or just go back down the same way.


  • A wide handstand hop is better than a high handstand hop.
  • Don't hollow your back - keep your abdominal tight.
  • Be careful with your fingers.
  • Exercise: Hop onto a judo mat
  • Don't try to hop onto a mat right away.
  • Hold your handstand after the hop.