Gymnastics - How to Initiate a Twist

How to Initiate a Twist in Gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn how to initiate a twist in gymnastics. Before you try any acrobatic jumps with twists, you should learn the handstand turn. This is an exercise you should do before you try to twist in a back or front flip. Find detailed gymnastics insructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Stand with your feet at less than one shoulder with and strike out with your arms from your hips/thighs.
  • Jump straight up and throw your arms over-head. Fully extend your knees and your ankles and keep your abs tights.
  • Don't look down to the floor. Your entire body should be aligned vertically.
  • Shortly before you reach the highest point of the jump, pull your hands together to one side of your chest. Most people twist to the left => pull your hands to the left side of your chest. At the beginning it might help to look to the left. But if would be better if you twisted your entire body at once and didn't get used to twisting your head first. When you jump from your legs, you initiate the twist with your hands. And then you release for example the high bar with your hands, you initiate the twist with your legs. Again, make sure you keep your view horizontal and close your legs.
  • Then land on both legs at the same time. At the beginning its ok if you only twist 180 or 360 degrees. Land at the same spot from where you jumped off.


  • Don't initiate the twist too early. When you jump straight up you should initiate the twist shortly before you reach the highest point, and when you do a back flip twist, you should gain enough height first.