Artistic Gymnastics - Thomas Flair

The Thomas Flair is a gymnastic pommel horse technique, similar to the double-leg circle, only that now you spread your legs like if you were doing a windmill. This move was named after "Kurt Bilteaux Thomas" but it was actually invented by Lloyd Larson. The thomas flair is performed on the pommel horse and on the floor. Nowadays you can also see it in breakdance. Find more artistic gymnastics instructions at gymnastics main.


  • Learn the gymnastic double-leg circle before you try the flair.
  • Detailed description for the thomas flair coming soon...


  • Work on a training pod (mushroom), before you try the thomas flair on the pommel horse.
  • If you know how to do a windmill and the double-leg circle, it will be a lot easier to learn the flair.