Muscle Contusions

Muscle Contusions

Muscle contusions = damage to a muscle through a direct impact. An impact to a muscles can cause much more damage than you might expect. In most contusion cases the muscle is crushed against the bone. For example when somebody puches ore kicks you in the leg, or when you fall on a stone. If contusions are not treated correctly myositis ossificans can result. (myositis ossificans = when the bone forms with the muscle = NOT GOOD) So don't underestimate this type of injury. Muscle Contusions are very common in combat sports. Find more information about sport injuries at injuries main.

Description: Muscle Contusions

  • Your muscle gets hit and is crushed against the bone.
  • This can lead to an intramusclular or and intermusclular inury.
  • Intramusclular: Tearing of the muscle within the skin that surrounds it. So the bleeding stays inside the muscle which leeads to a higher pressure (fluids can't escape) Loss of function and pain can stay for weeks.
  • Intermuscular: When the muscle plus the skin surrounding it tears. It takes longer for the bleeding to stop, so cold theraphy is more important than in case one. On the other hand intermuscular contusions usually heal faster, becasue the fluids can flow away from the injury. Higher possibility of bruises than in case one.
    Muscle contusions are devided into 3 grades:
    • Grade 1 muscle contusions
      Nearly a full range of motion. Moderate pain and swelling. The pain usually goes away within 2 or 3 days. It is still recommended to consult a sport injury specialist.
    • Grade 2 muscle contusions
      Limited range of motion. Moderate pain when the muscle in contracted or when pressure is applied. Rest for at least 5 days. Using sports massage techniques, ultrasound and electrical stimulation can speed up recovery.
      (massage - if applied correctly)
    • Grade 3 muscle contusions
      Muscle contractions are very painfull. Bad swelling appears immediately. In some cases operation will be necessary.

Symptoms: Muscle Contusions

  • Pain
  • Swelling and/or bruising
  • Partial or full loss of the function of the muscle. (especially when an intramuscular contusion occured)
  • After a few days you can see if you have suffered an intra or inter muscular contusion.
    • If the muscle is still quite swollen up after 3 days, you can suspect an intramuscular contusion.
    • If there is a bruse going away from the spot where the contusion occured,
      you might have suffered an intermuscular contusion.
    • However... you are well adviced not to wai that long before you consult your doctor.

Trainer advice: Muscle Contusions

  • Consult a sports injury specialist.
    It is very important that the correct diagnosis is made. If heat or massage techniques are applied too early, or if you start working out on a serious intramuscular injury or a complete rupture, the function of the muscle can get lost forever.
  • Apply ice to slow down the bleeding as soon as possible after the contusion.
  • Avoid muscle contractions. (avoid exercise)
  • A bandage can also help.
  • Ask your doctor before you apply massage techniques.

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