Learn Muay Boran

Learn Muay Boran

In this section you will find instructions for Muay Boran. Muay (มวย) means "Boxing" and Boran (โบราณ) means "Ancient". In the 1930s Muay Boran was modernized and simplified, which was the birth of Muay Thai = Modern Thai Boxing. Muay Boran is not just a single martial arts style but an umbrella term for all traditional Thai styles of Indo-Chinese kickboxing. While Muay Thai is often referred to the "Art of 8 Limbs", in Muay Boran you have a ninth weapon, the head. Headbutts are not allowed in Muay Thai, but in Muay Boran. In Muay Boran there are a lot more techniques than in Muay Thai. To fully understand Muay Thai, you should also learn some Muay Boran.


  • I will soon upload some video instructions I made with Suphan Chabairam from the Muay Thai Conservation Center of Thailand. In the meantime, have a look at his website. suphan-muaythaiboran.webs.com


  • Muay boran stances are a lot lower and wider than muay thai stances and footwork is similar to Japanese and traditional Chinese martial arts.
  • In muay boran, flexibility is more important than in muay thai.
  • Muay boran has been influenced by martial arts systems of neighboring countries and the other way around.