Muay Thai Footwork

Muay Thai Footwork

Good Footwork is very important in Muay Thai. When you walk forward or backward, you should be able to block, strike and escape at any time without losing balance. You can start working on your muay thai footwork right after learning the fighting stance. Find more muay thai instructions at the muay thai main page. for related muay thai video instructions, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


  • Start from your muay thai fighting stance, keep your guard up and your chin down.
  • When you walk forward, move your front leg first. Keep your foot close to the floor don't stand up. Stay on the balls of your feet. The front leg should move first, because you want to make your stance bigger and more stable at the beginning.
  • Your head should always stay at the same height.
  • Then let your back leg follow.
  • When you walk back, do the same thing the other way around. Move your back leg first in order to make your stance more stable at the beginning.
  • Then let the front leg follow.
  • When you look at your stance from the front, the distance between you feet should remain the same the whole time. Don't stand in one line. It would be easy to make you lose balance if you stood with your legs aligned.


  • Practice your fighting stance and your muay thai footwork in front of a mirror.
  • At the beginning you should check your fighting stance after every step.
  • Don't jump.
  • Keep your upper body upright.
  • Exercise for basic muay thai footwork: Stand in front of a training partner and follow him. When he comes towards you, move back. When he moves back, floor him. Take turns.