Muay Thai Footwork - Side Steps

Muay Thai Footwork - Side Steps

Once you know how to walk forward and backward in muay thai, you can learn the side step. This is very simple. The principle is always the same. Make your stance bigger and more stable first, and then let the other leg follow. Move on the balls of your feet and don't jump. Find more muay thai techniques at muay thai main page. For muay thai video instructions, click here.


  • Start from your muay thai fighting stance, keep your guard up and your chin down. Keep your upper body upright.
  • If you stand in a left left fighting stance and want to move to the right, move your back leg first (see illustration). You should always make your stance bigger first.
  • Move on the balls of your feet.


  • Don't jump and don't crouch down.
  • At the beginning you should practice muay thai footwork in front of a mirror. Later you can practice with a training partner. Follow your opponent and remain at the same distance.
  • Learn how to escape straight attacks with side steps.
  • You can start practicing straight muay thai punches after the basic footwork.