Extreme Fat Loss

This article is about my brother (Matthias Vidic) who went from 120 kg (265 lbs) to 60 kg (130 lbs) in only 6 months. Yes, this is possible and all you need is discipline, discipline and discipline. Most people give up their diets after a few days, because they start too aggressive. You can lose a lot of weight if you just stop eating for a couple of days, but you can also lose 4 kg if you sweat for a few hours and don't drink anything. Not drinking enough water can be very dangerous and if you stop eating for a few days, you will become ravenous and the Yo-Yo-Effect will make you fatter than ever. What you really need to do is change your life style. Dieting alone is not enough to get in shape. Without exercise you won't progress very fast and even if you manage to lose a few pounds, you will not look like you wanted to, because your entire body will be flabby, you will feel weak and the fat will feel even softer. The first thing you lose from dieting without exercising is muscle mass. For more sports nutrition related topics go back to the nutrition main page. For weight training related topics check out weight training main.

Description: Extreme Fat Loss

  • First of all you should start with a real goal. Don't just try to look good for your next summer vacation. If you seriously want a change, you have to change your life style and not just your nutrition for a couple of days or weeks. My brother wanted to be the best soccer player in his village, but when he started he was over 120 kg. (far from his goal)
    Before Diet Before Diet Before Diet
    I offered my help and told him, after 6 month he could run further than any of his friends. He was 15 and way overweight, so it was time for a good diet and an exercise program before his next growth spurt. After 6 month he should only weight half as much.
  • His school holidays just started and I had just finished my military service, so I had time for him and his soccer plans and we started the next day. We stood up at 6 o'clock and worked out 20 minutes in our garden. He exercised at a pulse of appr. 130 to 150 and after 20 minutes we had breakfast; usually cornflakes, milk, yogurt, bread, low fat cheese etc. In the afternoon he usually played soccer or went on a bicycle tour.
  • We removed chocolate bars, chips and sweets from his menu and replaced them with cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits. Telling somebody what to eat and what and not to eat can be a waste of time. Once you leave your students alone they think that three 1000 kcal ice creams in the afternoon are not a big deal and if they work out 10 minutes after school, everything is ok. You have to learn how to calculate calories and if you don't know that 1 g of fat has more than twice as much calories than 1 g of protein or carbohydrates, you will probably never understand why you don't lose weight. Whenever he wanted to eat something, he had to look up protein and kcal content on a table of nutritional value.
  • The next problem were his constantly returning munchies. To avoid ravenousness I told him to eat 6 times per day. (instead of 3 times) You become ravenous when your blood sugar level is too low, so a little fruit or yogurt snack every 3 hours can help. A lot of people make the mistake to take in only one or two meals per day when they try to diet. The larger the time span between the meals, the higher the chance that you become ravenous, lose control and swallow sweets, chocolate and chips like a black hole.
  • So he kept training and counted calories every time he prepared a meal. After 3 month he could easily run 2 hours without rest and tried a half marathon during a vacation in france.
    Losing Weight - 3 Month 3 Month - Training Plan
    But that was just the beginning.
  • We kept training and his goals came closer and closer. After 6 month none of his friends recognized him when he visited his old school (he changed school that summer). He was fitter than ever and his soccer team allowed him to be a midfield player instead of goal keeper.
    Matthias Vidic - Training 6 Month 6 Month Weight Loss Plan  
  • Now he put some weight back on, but this time it's not fat.

Advice: Extreme Fat Loss

  • Consult you doctor before you start a diet like this.
  • Don't change your weight, change your life style.
  • First acquirement: A table of nutritional value
  • Start your diet with a few days of learning about nutrition and training methods.
  • Dieting alone is not enough. To get in shape you will also need to exercise.
  • Running is one of the best exercise forms, but if you are way overweight, you should start with a less exhausting activity that cause less stress to your knees, back and hips. Swimming, cycling and weight training are a good choices too.

Risks: Extreme Fat Loss

  • If you start running long distances from one day to the other, you can get inflammations or joint problems.
  • Don't set your expectations too high. Take it easy at the beginning. Health goes first.
  • The faster you lose weight, the higher the risk of loose skin.
  • Anorexia