How to beat the Munchies

In this lesson you will learn how to beat the munchies and why ravenous hunger keeps messing up your diet. If you have ever tried to lose weight rapidly, you surely have experienced this. You try to lose weight, control your calory intake and then the munchies come up - Game Over. I hope with this article I will help you understand why these hunger attacks keep coming back. Beating the munchies is not just about discipline, but about a carefully planned and well balanced diet. Find more nutrition related topics at nutrition main.

Description: How to beat the Munchies

  • First of all you have to know why the munchies keep attacking you.
  • The causes for ravenous hunger can be of physical, psychological and hormonal nature. Psychological and hormonal causes could be mood swings or a woman's menstruation.
  • But this is a fitness site, so I will focus on the physical aspect here.
    • The most common reason for munchies is a low blood sugar level. If you are only eating one meal per day, your blood sugar level will go lower and lower until your next meal. The longer you wait, the higher the risk you lose control and start eating everything that's not nailed down. That's why you should eat at least 3 times a day, but actually 6 meals (3 big meals & 3 snacks) would be even better.
    • Another reason for munchies could be that you ban all good (tasting) foods from your diet. There are too many tempting foods and banning them from your life is not the right solution. But you should create a plan for dealing with chips, ice cream etc. For example; Never eat a dessert when you are hungry. Always eat real food or vegetables first. If you start eating ice cream when you are hungry and keep eating until you are full, you will consume too many calories. But if you start with salad and soup, you won't even be able to finish half an ice cream.

Who is susceptible: How to beat the Munchies

  • Everybody who tries to lose weight fast.
  • Shift workers who don't have much time for small meals or healthy snacks during the day.
  • People with depressions or mood swings.
  • Women - During Menstruation

Advice: Beat the Munchies

  • One or two meals per day are not a good idea if you are trying to lose weight. Your blood sugar level will be very low between the meals and you will not beat the munchies starving most of the time - The munchies will beat you! Try to eat at least 3 meals per day and throw in a fruit or vegetable snack if you feel hungry between the meals.
  • Eat organic foods high in fiber; Wholemeal; Avoid industrial foods.
  • Moderate exercise can dampen appetite.
  • Make sure you drink enough.
  • You should never feel hungry, but don't eat more than you need. If you are hungry you need food, not fat and sweets. Eat some fruits or a protein bar, and if you still think you need popcorn after that, buy your popcorn. At least you will be half-way full and not eat that much.
  • Keep tempting foods out of your reach.
  • Don't totally eliminate sweets and chocolate from your diet. Of course you can eat sweets, chocolate bars or chips from time to time, but you shouldn't go for desserts before the starter. You want to remember the taste, so it's a better idea to start with salad or vegetables and eat ice cream when you are finished with the real food.