Double Jump - Rope Skipping

Double Jump - Rope Skipping

In this lesson you will learn how to do double jumps. That's when you do one jump and the rope goes around twice. Before you try this, you should learn how to do single jumps. I usually do this as a combined plyometric & coordination exercise. It's possible to do more than 100 double jumps in a row. (so you jump 100 times and the rope goes around 200 times) Once you get used to doing dozens of double jumps in a row, you can try to finish off with a triple jump. Click here, to go back to rope skipping main.

Description: Double Jump - Rope Skipping

  • Do at least 3 single jumps (basic jumps) before you do your first double jump. Keep your upper body vertical and look straight forward. Jump from the balls of your feet without letting the heels touch the floor. The strength comes from the calves and not from the quadriceps. So keep your knees as straight as possible. Keep your feet close together. Only do this with shoes.
  • Jump straight up and swing the rope forward down fast. Keep your legs straight -> Don't lift your knees. If you lift your knees, it's very hard to do more than one double jump in a row. Keep your arms still and swing the rope from your wrists - Not by circling the entire arms. Before you reach the highest point of the jump, the first circle should be finished.
  • Finish the 2nd circle before you land on the balls of your feet, keep your knee straight and your upper body in a vertical line with your legs. Don't look down to your feet. Listen to the sound of the rope and get used to the timing. Bounce off the balls of your feet and do another double jump. At the beginning you are probably only able to do one double double jump. Keep going with a couple of single jumps and then try another double jump. Don't stop in-between. Once you can easily do one double jump and go back to single jumps, try doing 2 double jumps in a row.

Trainer advice: Double Jump - Rope Skipping

  • Jump on a flat & even surface.
  • Make sure your rope is long enough. If your rope is long enough for single jumps, that doesn't mean that it is also long enough for double jumps. You might hit the tip of your head if your rope is too short.
  • Use a heavy rope. For example a leather, a wire or a gum rope. Light textile ropes can't be swung fast enough for double and triple jumps.
  • Jump with shoes.
  • Keep your knees pretty straight and looks straight forward during the entire exercise.

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