Sanda Hip Wheel

Sanda Hip Wheel

The hip wheel is a throwing technique, where you grab your opponent and throw him over your back, by pushing him up with your hip. Because in Sanda you wear boxing gloves, the execution of the hip wheel is a bit different. (Because you can't use your hands to grab your opponent).

Description: Sanda Hip Wheel

  • Description for right-handed sanda practicioners.
  • Step forward with your right leg and surround his right arm with your left arm. This makes it easier to position yourself and your opponent will not be able to punch you, while throw him over.
  • Go with your right arm around his neck and follow with your left foot, while you twist on your right foot. (turn left)
  • Now your toes should point away from your opponent, your heels should be on the ground and the knees should be bent. Keep his trunk close to your back.
  • To lift your opponent and throw him over, lift you heels, straighten your legs and pull forward-down his trunk.
  • Look to your own feet, while your opponent falls over.

Trainer advice: Sanda Hip Wheel

  • Learn the hip wheel without gloves first.
  • Work out on mats.
  • Don't throw somebody who has no martial art experiance.