Boardercross (Snowboardcross, SBX or BoarderX)

The boardercross is probably the most fun snowboarding event. It's simple, the first one who passes the finish line wins. You basically race down a narrow course and pass different obstacles. (like free running on a snowboard) You don't have to do tricks over the obstacles, you only have to be fast. There are sharp turns, big jumps and your opponents will try to push you off the course. Every time a new round starts, there are 4 riders on the start. (sometimes also 6) The first 2 who pass the finish line go to the next round. (or 3 if there are 6 riders) The other 2 are game over. You only have one chance and if you don't enter 1st or second, you have to go home. Find more snowboarding info at snowboarding main.

Description: Boardercross - Snowboarding

  • You can choose whether you want to ride on a freestyle, freeride, or alpine board. The course must be made so that all riders have the same chance, no matter what board they ride.
  • Wear a helmet and use snowboard gloves with wrist guards.
  • The boardercross course contains at least four different sections: Large banked turns, speed sections, jumps, and at least one passing section.
  • You only have one chance. If you pass the finish line 3rd or 4th, you have to go. Only in the qualifying runs you have 2 chances. The best run counts.
  • Here is video from a boardercross competition. Boardercross is not yet an olympic sport. The biggest competition is in the Winter X Games.

Trainer advice: Boardercross - Snowboarding

  • Try to be the first one out of the gates. If you don't have to pass your opponents, they won't be able to push you off the course.
  • Learn when to pass another rider. Timing is the key.

Videos: Boardercross - Snowboarding

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