Calf Stretch - Pressing against a wall

Calf Stretch - Pressing against a Wall

Learn how to stretch your calf muscles leaning against a wall. This calf stretch is often applied by runners. Find more calf stretches at stretching main.


  • Stand in a bow stance (in front of a wall) and make sure your toes point straight forward.
  • Fully extend the knee of your back leg and put your hands on the wall, so that your back leg, your trunk and your arms ore in one line.
  • Then press against the wall so that the heel of your back leg stays on the floor and your calf muscles are stretched. Lower your hips at the same time. Hold this position 15 to 30 seconds and then stretch the other leg.


  • When you stretch your legs, always start with the calf muscles.
  • This calf stretch is not designed for ballistic and isometric stretches.
  • Always warm up a few minutes before you start stretching.