Flat Stance Ankle Stretch - Wushu


  • Stand with your feet approximately 3 shoulder widths apart (feet parallel).
  • Press the outer edge of one foot against a wall or a stair and extend the knee.
  • Then lower your hips to stretch the ankle of your front leg (keep your feet stay parallel). If this doesn't stretch your ankle enough, you can reach for your front foot with you hands (but keep your upper body straight). If you stretch your left ankle, try to grasp your left foot with your left hand (right hand grasps right foot). If this is still too easy, grasp your left foot with both hands. The most difficult variation of this ankle stretch would be crossing your arms and grasping your front foot with your back hand and your back foot with your front hand.


  • If you do this exercise during the rehabilitation after an ankle sprain, don't stretch too hard and don't stretch dynamic (consult your doctor before you use this exercise).