Front Split - Bend Forward

Front Split Forward Bend

Learn how to stretch the front split forward bend. This stretch is a front split variation where you emphasize on hamstring flexibility. Always do normal front splits before you do the front split forward bend and don't try this if you can't do full front splits yet. This stretch is the ideal exercise before the straight wushu stretch kicks. Find more stretching instructions and training methods at stretching main.


  • Do a front split like shown in the front split tutorial and extend your arms vertically, so that your shoulders touch your ears. Your hips have to touch the floor and at the same time, your fingers have to point up as high as possible.
  • Lean forward as low and far as you can and try not to round your back. Actually try to keep your back slightly hollowed. Many beginners round their back and just try to touch the front leg with the head. Reach forward is more important than reaching down. Rounding the back is simply bad form. In case you want to apply PNF: Holding your arms and your upper body at horizontal level and don't leg your arms rest on your front leg or the floor. This makes the front split forward bend isometric.
  • Put your hands down and relax your leg muscles for a moment. Don't round your back.
    You can stop the front split forward bend after this stage or keep going.
  • If you wanna keep going, grasp your front foot.
  • And here is the most intensive variation of the front split forward bend (isometric stretch). Pull your toes towards your head and lean forward at the same time. Don't round your back. Advice: If you tend to round your back automatically, look forward or slightly up.


  • Warm up with a normal front split.
  • Stop immediately if the knee of your front leg hurts.