Arch Tendon Stretch

How to stretch the Arch Tendon

Learn how to stretch the arch tendon (plantar fascia) of your foot. You should do this stretch from time to time, to avoid plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the arch tendon). Find more stretching advice and exercises at stretching main.


  • There are several ways to stretch the arch tendon of the foot. Two options are shown in the illustration above.
  • Variation a) Press the ball of your foot against the floor and lift your heel.
  • Variation b) Press the ball of your foot against a wall and push your heel and the rest of the foot flat against the floor.
  • Other Variations: You can also bend one leg in front of you, let the heel touch the floor, grasp your toes with both hands and pull them up.
  • To isolate the arch tendon, keep your knee bent. If you extend your knee, you also stretch your calves.


  • Don't stretch dynamically or isometrically. If the arch tendon of your foot is inflamed, this will just make things worse. Besides this exercises is only designed for static stretches.
  • Also stretch your calf muscles and your ankles.