How to do a Side Split

How to do a Side Split

Learn how to do a proper side split. A lot of martial artists focus on the side split, even though the front split is more important for most kicks. In Chinese Mandarin the side split is called "Da Cha". Find more stretches at stretching main.


  • Fully extend your knees.
  • Keep you side split as symmetric as possible. Don't twist your hips or your trunk. Stop immediately if you feel pain. Warm up, warm up, warm up.
  • Support yourself with your hands.
  • Try to keep the soles of your feet flat on the floor. If only the insides of your shoes touch the floor, your weight rests on the relaxed knees. By keeping the outsides of the shoes close to the floor, (ankle stretch) the forces are distributed better.
  • Hollow your back. The angle between your spine and your hips = 90°. That's the healthiest position for your hip joints when you do a side split.


  • Warm up before you stretch your side split.
  • Do the half side split stretch and the spread leg forward fold before you stretch the side split.
  • The side split should not be the first exercise in your stretching routine.
  • Also check my workout plan for the side split.