Separate-Leg Stretch (standing)

Separate-Leg Stretch (standing)

Learn how to do a standing separate -leg stretch. This exercise stretches the hamstrings, the knees and the ankles. With a wide stance you emphasize more on ankle flexibility, and with a narrow stance you emphasize more on hamstring and knee flexibility. Find more stretching instructions and exercises at stretching main.


  • Separate your legs so that the distance between your feet is between 1 and 3 shoulder widths (leg-angle between 15 and 90°). You can either stand with your feet parallel or let your toes point slightly in (see foot prints in the illustration).
  • Lean forward-down and exhale at the same time. Keep your back straight (or slightly hollow) and don't bend your knees. Then put your hands around your calves or behind your heels and gently pull your upper body towards your legs.
  • The distance between your legs is up to you. I recommend you do your first set with your stance pretty wide.


  • Warm up before you stretch your legs.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds, relax and then repeat.
  • Learn about dynamic, static and isometric stretching.
  • This stretch is considered a static active stretch. If you want to do this exercise as a dynamic stretch, match the movement of your upper body with the speed of your breath.
  • Stop if your knees, your back or your hips hurt.