100 Breaths - Core Exercise

100 Breaths - Core Exercise

In this lesson you will learn how to do the 100 breaths exercise. Also called: "Hundred" This is actually a pilates exercise, but because if its effectiveness and the fact that the core area is trained isometrically, i took it into the isometric strength section. Click here to find more isometric exercises.

Description: 100 Breaths - Core Exercise

  • Lie down on a mat and push your lower back into the floor. Don't hollow your back. The arms are extended by the sides and the palms point up or down. Then bend your legs and pull your heels as close as possible to your buttocks. Round your back and raise your upper back and your shoulder blades from the floor. (like if you were doing a crunch) Bring your chin towards your chest - Don't arch your head back. Then raise your knees like illustrated here. Now, as your shoulder blades and your feet are elevated and your "rounded", lower back is the only body part that touches the floor, you can start with the actual exercise. Pulse your extended arms in unison with your breath up and down. Just like the fast movement of your arms, your breaths are very short. Inhale 5 times in a row and then exhale 5 times in a row. Stop after 100 breaths. If this exercise is too easy, straighten your legs and extend them closer to the floor (but keep your abs tight - don't hollow your back).

Trainer advice: 100 Breaths - Core Exercise

  • Never hollow your back.
  • To make the exercise harder, you can raise your legs with extended knees. The closer your feet are to the floor and the further from the hips, the harder. Just keep in mind that the entire exercise is useless if you hollow your back. So you should be able to keep your back round for 100 breaths or approx. 40 seconds. What's shown above is the most basic variation of the 100 breaths exercise.
  • If you are into gymnastics, do this with your knees and your ankles fully extended. Little sport specific variations are ok.

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