Isometric Pushup

Isometric Pushup

In this lesson you will learn how to do an isometric pushup. That's when you hold a pushup at a specific point to train your chest muscles isometrically. Isometrics -> Exercises where no motion is involved. For more information on isometric strength training, click here. Find isometric and plyometric exercises at track and field main.

Description: Isometric Pushup

  • Keep your back straight or slightly rounded and contract your abs slightly. Don't let your hips hang. The hands are a bit less than 2 shoulder widths apart and the fingers point straight forward. Rule of thumb: When your upper arms are in a horizontal line with your shoulders and your elbows, and you flex your arms 90°, you get the perfect distance for your hands. When viewed from the side, the wrists, the elbows and the shoulders are in a vertical line. I recommend you do the isometric pushup with your chest about one inch from the floor (or with the elbows bent 90° - upper arms horizontal), but of course you can also extend or bend your arms more. Keep in mind that isometric strength exercises only train your muscles at the exact angle where the isometric position is held. That's why an isometric pushup with the chest close to the floor is different to an isometric pushup with the arms almost extended.

Trainer advice: Isometric Pushup

  • Recommended time span for the isometric pushup: 15 - 30 seconds.
    2 to 3 sets per workout.
  • Warm up your shoulders and your elbows or do a few pushups before you get started.
  • Low pushup positions are harder to hold than higher positions.

Videos: Isometric Pushup

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