Box Jumps - Plyometrics

Box Jumps - Plyometrics

The box jump is a plyometric leg exercise where you jump from the floor onto a 1 to 2 ft high box. This exercise is good for your vertical leap. Find more plyometric exercises at track & field main.

Description: Box Jumps - Plyometrics

  • Stand about one shoulder width from the box. The box should be between 1 and 2 ft high. Start with your legs fully extended and let your arms hang relaxed. Keep your abs tight during the entire exercise, (slightly contracted) and stand as upright as possible. If you are a gymnast, you can also to this with the arms extended over head, like if you were preparing for a static handstand. (see handstand tutorial)
  • Do a half-squat and keep your upper body as upright as possible. Try not to strike out with the arms too much. (a small arm strike is OK though) Bend your knees between 30° and 45° Don't sit down too far. Don't rest in the half-squat position. You have to jump off immediately. That's what plyometrics is all about. It should feel like if you were letting yourself fall into a half-squat position and then bounce off and jump onto the box.
  • Jump onto the box. Extend your legs and your ankles. Keep your abs tight and your upper body as upright as possible. (head up) Don't whip your trunk. You can swing your arms a little, but the strength should come from the legs. If you do the gymnastic box jump variation with the arms extended over head, then keep your elbows fully extended and the finger tips as high as possible.
  • Land as soft as possible. The balls of the feet touch the box first. (not heels first!)
    Then hold the half-squat position for 1 or 2 seconds. Abdominals slightly contracted, head as high as possible. Look straight forward and don't whip your trunk forward. (upper body upright)
  • Don't jump back down. Step back down with one leg after the other and then do another box jump.

Trainer advice: Box Jumps - Plyometrics

  • Do 10 to 25 repetitions. (a few sets) The box jump is an exercise for reactive leg strength, and not an endurance exercise. Typical pulse for this exercise 150 bps.
  • Don't forget to stretch your quadriceps.
  • Stop if knees or your achilles tendon hurt.
  • The box jump is the ideal exercise for gymnastics who are seeking higher flips.

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