Overhead Wall Slams - Medicine Ball Exercise

Overhead Wall Slams

In this lesson you will learn how to do overhead wall slams with straight arms. This exercise is similar to the overhead wall throw. The difference is that here you stand very close to the wall. (less pause between reps) This exercise is good for volleyball players, swimmers and gymnasts. (see trainer advice) Find more reactive strength exercises at track & field main.

Description: Overhead Wall Slams - Medicine Ball Exercise

  • Stand about one arm length from a wall and hold a bouncing medicine ball with extended elbows over head. (hold the medicine ball as high as possible) You can also stand further from the wall. The further the distance between you and the wall, the harder you have to throw. At the beginning you should stand pretty close to the wall. Look straight forward and keep your abs tight during the entire exercise. Distance between feet: One shoulder width. If you stand with the left leg forward in the first set, you should stand with the right leg forward in the second set.
  • Strike out with the ball and keep your arms parallel. (don't open elbows) Stretch your shoulders and your triceps before you do overhead wall slams. Keep your upper body upright and your abs tight. Only bend your arms a little. The further you stand form the wall, the more you can bend your arms when you strike out.
  • Slam the ball against the wall, let it bounce off and then catch it with extended arms. Do 10 to 30 repetitions, then stretch your shoulders and your triceps. If you do another set, stand with the other foot forward and / or consider standing further away from the wall.

Advice: Overhead Wall Slams - Medicine Ball Exercise

  • Stretch your triceps and your shoulders between sets and exercises.
  • If you are a gymnast, this exercise can help you develop a better push when you do a front or back handspring.

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